NexentaStor Community Edition

NexentaStor 3.x Community ISO CD images can be installed on “bare-metal” x86/64 hardware and VM installed images are available below as well. The hardware compatibility lists for OpenSolaris 10.03 indicate what is supported. The NexentaStor installer also verifies hardware compatibility before installation commences. For more information on hardware compatibility please visit NexentaStor FAQ.

This is a major NexentaStor release, with many new features, improved hardware support, and many bug fixes over the older Developer Edition including:

  • In-line deduplication for primary storage and backup
  • Free for upto 12 TB of used storage with no limits on the total size of attached storage
  • Supports easy upgrade to future Community Edition releases and to Enterprise Edition licenses
  • Support for user and group quotas
  • The ability to automatically expand pools

Commercial support and optional modules are not available for the Community Edition. Please click on ‘Get support’ or ‘Get enterprise’ above to learn more about the support options and additional capabilities of NexentaStor Enterprise Edition.

Recommended system requirements:

  • 64 bit processor (32 bit not recommended for production)
  • 768MB RAM minimum for evaluation, 2GB okay, 4GB ideal
  • 2 identical relatively small disks for high-availability system folder (for operating system and the rest appliance’s software)
  • Additional drives/storage for data volumes

NexentaStor 3.x Community ISO can be deployed in accordance with the Community Edition EULA agreement.


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