Linux UFD, not Linux FUD

Spread Linux on UFD (USB Flash Drive), not Linux FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt). In addition to helping spread Linux to the masses by mailing distros on CD/DVDs, why not spread Linux on USB flash drives? It’s portable, not prone to scratches unlike CDs and more importantly, you can use UFDs to install Linux on computers with no CD or DVD drives.

For starters, UNetbootin is your tool. So what is the rationale on jumping on the open source bandwagon? Glyn Moody has the answer:

As well as the purely philanthropic aspect, there are good selfish reasons why people might want to help spread free software in developing countries. It would increase the market share of core software like Firefox, and GNU/Linux, which would help persuade more companies to support them, and more governments to adopt them.  It would increase the pool of programmers who can contribute to free software projects, making them better for everyone.  It would also make it more likely that entirely new, indigenous applications would be created for developing countries and their particular needs.  It might even lead to a whole new era of free software creation and use.

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