Compete with Services, not Software

The Linux kernel is a living proof that you don’t need fancy UML diagrams, CASE tools or commercial-off-the-shelf packages to build software. The good ol’ mailing list is enough. Of course, open source is more than that. For open source companies, services is the name of the game. The Thais get it.

A group of Thai software firms calling itself the Business for Open Source Society (Boss) is gearing up for a big push to increase the use of open-source software among Thai businesses.

Boss’s president Danupol Siamwalla said the group’s mission was to gather local software houses who specialise in various areas of open-source software so that together they can provide wide-ranging software solutions for Thai companies.

This arrangement will create more confidence among potential customers in adopting open-source solutions and services for large software projects, Danupol said.

“In the past, we were all separate, and stood alone when doing open-source software business. Now, we will team up together to merge our different areas of expertise to provide the best solutions, even for large-sized customers,” he said.

Not only did they get it, they know that the strength of open source is in numbers. The more people using it, the more it becomes valuable.