VoltDB, DBMS Re-invented

Michael Stonebraker, the man who blasted RDBMS as a one-size-fits-all solution to the storage problem, announced the general availability of the VoltDB OLTP database management system (DBMS).

Addressing web-scale workloads and taking advantage of multi-core processors, VoltDB is the in-memory, distributed version of DBMS that addresses scalability, high-availability, ACID compliance and speedy performance without resorting to workarounds like MySQL with memcache or using NoSQL alternatives like Cassandra. No more sharding the database or learning key-value mechanisms. Developers can use a subset of ANSI SQL and Java for transactions implemented as stored procedures.

If there’s a DBMS meant to be used for cloud environments, VoltDB is a key contender. You may download an open source version here.