Sorting Through the Broadband Hype

The Internet is to information highway what computers and smartphones are to automobiles. Whether you drive a BMW or Cadillac, as long as you pass through potholes and narrow roads and heavy traffic to boot, as far as your driving experience is concerned, your luxury car is nothing.  (I’m looking at you iPhone users cramping at poor AT&T’s wireless network). Ok, the iPhone is the gold standard at usability and design (barring cost and AT&T’s infrastructure). But regardless of the iPhone fans lining up every time Apple introduces its new iPhone models, you can’t argue with people. Personal preferences trump human arguments every time (reality trumps mere human perceptions). As they say, “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”. Period.

Nonetheless, regardless if the user experience is lousy or not, people still get hold of their dear iPhone. Apple fans may argue that AT&T’s network will get better in time. This is not merely a battle for smartphones. It’s also a battle for the wireless infrastructure. The sooner carriers beef up their network, the better. Just look at T-Mobile USA. Regardless of your inclination (Android, Apple, BlackBerry, etc), devices will get better and faster. It’s just that the infrastructure is not yet mature. It’s a classic chicken-or-egg problem for the carriers, a question of supply and demand. In business just as in the Olympics, it’s the swifter, higher and stronger that wins.

We’ll get there someday. Until then, hold on to your PC. The mobile revolution is just starting…