Gaming the Patent System

Patents are supposed to protect the intellectual property of an individual or business but collectively, it does more harm than good in the grand scheme of things. Glyn Moody has an interesting post about Microsoft’s patent lawsuit against Motorola.

The point is, if Microsoft were bringing innovative products and services to market, it wouldn’t need to sue in this way: people would be flocking to its mobile phones because they were so attractive (compare what happens with the iPhone and certain Android models). The fact that it is suing over such minor features is indicative of this: it can’t come up with anything better because it has never produced those “innovative software products” Gutierrez boasts of.

software patents aren’t really about money. They are about using the legal system to disrupt more innovative competitors – just as James Watt did 200 years ago.

The latest move against an Android manufacturer on the eve of the launch of Windows Mobile 7 – probably its last chance to stay in this sector – is a clear demonstration of Microsoft’s inability to come up with any compelling reasons to use its mobile operating system other than fear. It shows that not only has run out of exciting new ideas, it has run out of steam as a company – something that becomes more and more evident every day.

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