Cross-platform native application development

Current CS/IT students aspiring to be programmers, you have to be abreast with these skills (at least): HTML, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby or Python. Basic knowledge of HTML and JavaScript will take you far for developing mobile and web apps but not further. You need PHP for web server apps and Ruby or Python for desktop apps. Well, that is if you’re going to use Appcelerator.

Other frameworks include PhoneGap, QuickConnectFamily, MobileReflex, iPFaces and Rhodes.

In beta (at the time of this writing) is the Particle Platform.

The Particle Platform is an open and extendable cross-platform SDK that automates the porting process, enabling developers to create native applications on all smartphone platforms from a single, manageable code base. With Particle, developers can code in familiar programming languages and deliver apps to every platform.


Appcelerator announced it would release a product, called Titanium+Commerce (available by 1st half of 2011), that will allow 8 million PayPal merchants to build multi-platform mobile apps with a host of features including mobile payments, coupons, social sharing, loyalty programs and product scanning (courtesy: GigaOM). For now, developers can use PayPal’s Mobile Payments Library for easy check-outs.

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