Best Technology

Sometimes, the best technology is no technology at all. I said sometimes because it depends on your situation or on a given context. Technology can be complex. It may require electricity, or a technician, or a support system that is beyond the interests or capability of an average Joe. It can be daunting. It may oblige you to read a manual or documentation. It may require a steep learning curve with its own list of buzz words and alphabet soup. It may have a marketing machine complete with evangelists and con artists. It might induce lock-ins or lull you into thinking that free is not simply zero cost but a matter of freedom. Whatever the nature of technology is, there’s always a trade-off that you have to pay. A solution in the form of technology invariably creates a problem or side-effect in one way or another.

As the saying goes, “Less talk, less mistake”. Or its corollary, “no technology, no trade-off”. Maybe less is more… How about revising your work such that you get rid of that damned printer? Sure, it will help green our environment, isn’t it? But that’s just one… How about yours? What technology do you want to be obsolete by now?


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