Learning I.T. Through Experience

There is a growing clamor for change regarding the system of education. Engines for Education stress that learning by experience is the most effective system to education. The book entitled Brain Rules has plenty to offer on how to improve our education. The Synthesis blog has this to say:

We want our kids to do as much or more homework than we did, despite studies that show that it does not lead to meaningful learning. We believe in measuring student performance in the same way we did a generation ago, despite the data that shows that the ability to do well in a test has no correlation to success in the world or to personal achievement or happiness.

For all its worth, the I.T. sector is ripe for reform. The disconnect between academia and the I.T. industry is so huge that I.T. graduates of today are practically not versed enough with technology. We need a system that emphasizes learning by doing, the practical aspects of the job. We need to teach students how to think for themselves, not rote tests that infuriates the venerable Black Swan author, Nassim Taleb. And perhaps more importantly, we need to teach students how to fend for themselves, imbue them with a sense of entrepreneurship.

That way, we can build a base of thinking people, and hopefully, more on the enterprising one.


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