Microsoft and Open Source


Q: What is Microsoft’s perspective on open source?

A: Microsoft is open to open source.

We are actively participating in open source and share the common industry view that software users will continue to see a mixed IT environment of open source and proprietary products for years to come. We also understand that open source software alternatives can represent healthy competition and an opportunity to complement or enhance Microsoft technologies and products.

Microsoft recognizes the value of openness to working with others (including open source communities) to help customers and partners succeed in today‘s heterogeneous IT environments. This includes increasing opportunities for business partners regardless of their underlying development model and increasing opportunities for developers to learn and create by combining community-oriented open source with traditional commercial approaches to software development.

Q: What is Microsoft’s approach to open source?

A: We view interoperability as a lever for growth and are committed to helping our customers thrive in a mixed-source world.

This involves working to make Windows the platform of choice for customers and developers by enabling open source applications to run better on and with our products. We are working with many open source communities to identify opportunities to participate in projects and initiatives; focusing on improved open source application interoperability with our products. If it makes sense for specific products and solutions we use an open source development approach or open source software .

Q: What’s the importance of a solid partnership between Microsoft and the open source community?

A: There are thousands of open source communities with distinct projects, initiatives, and movements that represent different approaches and different visions. By recognizing the unique qualities of each community, we can identify areas where we can add value and build relationships that allow for better collaboration. Solid partnerships and continued innovation for the benefit of customers and end users are important to the overall technology ecosystem.


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