Getting Things Done

A guide to applying David Allen’s GTD workflow principles within TaskMerlin.

Inbox Collect stuff in your TaskMerlin inbox.
Make sure things don’t “fall through the cracks” by getting them out of your head and into your inbox. Create and outline items in the Folder View by clicking on the folder or task toolbar buttons.
Trash or  Archive If it’s not actionable, then either trash it or file it away for future reference.
Move items to the Bin (if no longer needed) or file them in the Archives folder (where they can be located if need be, but won’t appear in filters or regular searches).
Projects If it’s actionable, then determine the project or outcome.
Create projects, which will then appear in the TaskMerlin Folders view. You can categorize projects however you need to.
Next  Action Break the project down into tasks and determine the next action required.
Create sub-projects, tasks, and sub-tasks, as required. Set the Context and Status of tasks and events.
Do Now If the action will take less than two minutes, then do it now.
When it’s done, click on the toolbar Checkmark button to mark the task as completed.
Delegate If you’re not the right person to do it, then delegate to the appropriate person.
Delegate tasks to other people by clicking on the Assigned To field. You can also configure TaskMerlin to automatically send them an e-mail.
Defer If you are the right person to do it, then track it on your “Next Actions” list.
Track your next actions by using task filters. For example, you can create a filter that tracks all high priority tasks that are pending and due by Monday.
Review Review your system each week.
Put aside some time each week to look over your projects, tasks and filters, and ensure your system is tidy and complete. Drag-and-drop tasks and projects to new locations, and edit attributes and content in place with the F2 key.
Do Next  Actions Do the tasks on your “Next Actions” list.

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