Corona SDK Ecosystem

These tools have been developed by 3rd party developers and are part of the growing Corona SDK ecosystem (as of May 5, 2011).

Kwik for Corona® SDK is a plugin for Adobe Photoshop CS5 that allows designers to create comics and interactive books for iOS and Android devices, with animations, buttons and sound, directly from your PSD files.

Special Introductory Price:
$79.99 $49.99

Corona Project Manager »

Corona Project Manager is for anyone who develops mobile apps using Corona SDK. Drag in a project folder, click Launch, and it’s up and running in the simulator. It manages all the projects and assets (source code files, graphics, audio files, etc.) that go into your app so you can quickly switch from one to another, swap out assets, and just generally have a smoother workflow.

corona project manager

See how simple it is to use in this Corona Project Manager demo.

Icon Robot

Icon Robot »

A little tool that can generate different sizes icons (for iOS apps) for you. App developers can save time rather than change the size of their icons one by one.

Example icons sizes:

  • iPad, 72×72 (icon-72.png)
  • iPhone 3G/3GS, 57×57 (icon.png)
  • iPhone 4/Retina, 114×114 (icon@2x.png)
  • iTunes connect, 512×512

Lime »

Lime is a Lua library created for the Corona ® SDK which allows you as a game developer to easily include tile maps created in Tiled within your game. Not only can Tiled be used as a level editor you can also use its simple yet flexible Property features to allow a level designer to set up all kinds of game logic without the need for a programmer to change any code thus allowing easier gameplay tweaking.

spritedeck logo

SpriteDeck »

SpriteDeck is a drag and drop design tool built for the Corona platform. The powerful scene editor and flexible code exporter makes SpriteDeck a must have tool for Corona developers.

icon spritedeck

Watch how easy it is to use in this Spritedeck demo.


Physics Editor »

Editing your physics shapes has never been easier! Physics Editor allows you to simply drag your shapes inside the editor and press the auto trace button! No more clicking. Then adjust the shape’s physics parameters and directly export to your game development framework.


See how easy it is to create complex physics shapes. Watch the video

particle candy logo

Particle Candy »

Particle Candy is an extremely flexible yet simple and straightforward to use particle engine library to create smoke, trails, fire, explosions, debris, flares, dust, clouds, shots, light rays, water fontains, even weather effects like rain, snow -everything you can imagine!

particle candy

See how to create all kinds of effects in this Particle Candy demo.

corona remote

Corona Remote »

Corona® Remote is an application & lua library designed to send remote accelerometer data to the Ansca Mobile iPhone development platform Corona®. Using your iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod Touch or iPad you can now send real-time accelerometer data to the Corona® Simulator for use when developing accelerometer powered applications and games.


Corona Bundle for TextMate »

A TextMate bundle for Corona developers. Autocomplete for many common Corona keywords. Just start typing, then hit the ‘Esc’ key to cycle through the possibilities.

multirezer logo

Multirezer »

MultiRezer is a very useful utility for people who wish to speed up the workflow of creating multiple resolutions for your graphics. MultiRezer will do all the work of downsizing and renaming by simply dragging and dropping your image(s) on the app’s icon!!

texture packer

Texture Packer »

TexturePackerPro comes with a full featured graphical user interface including multi touch support, zooming and a tree view with all used sprites! The extreme fast layout algorithm shows all changes in realtime!


Zwoptex »

Zwoptex is an advanced texture packer that makes it easy to combine multiple textures into a single one. Stop wasting time trying to fit all your textures into a sprite sheet and start using Zwoptex today!



iAppHost »

Create stunning iPhone app websites for marketing and showcasing in minutes. The custom CMS takes care of HTML, CSS and analytics so you can focus on what you’re best at – creating beautiful and functional applications. Support for displaying the Corona SDK badge included.


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