Google Chromebooks

Google lives and breathes on the cloud, so it is no wonder that the mighty GOOG wants to shape the online experience, or more specifically, the online and mobile advertising opportunities. By taking a page from Apple, Google wants to control the experience from end to end, from software down to consumer hardware.

The Google Chromebook is designed for such a purpose. In addition to Android, Google wants to capture the fledgling and finicky desktop users and wean them from Windows and Mac.

Linux users however are a different breed. They are more technically savvy than the ordinary Joe so they would rather muck around Ubuntu, Linux Mint and the like.

For wannabe users who are inching to try Linux distros and yet struggle with Wi-Fi connectivity, Google Chromebook is a welcome breeze. Non-technical users don’t care about OS actually if all they need is just a web browser. That particular slice of the market is what Google has in sight.

Only time will tell if Chromebooks will take off. If not, the lesson nonetheless won’t be lost to Google.

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