Problem with Frameworks

Courtesy: Jeremy Zawodny A few months back I wanted to prototype some ideas that my wife and I have been tossing around for web sites that’d be fun to build up in our so-called spare time. I thought it would be smart to use that as an opportunity to learn Ruby and Rails. Well, I was half right. Ruby is a very cool language and Perl’s influence on it is clear. (I’m and old Perl guy.) However, Rails has grown since I last looked at it. In fact, it’s grown a lot and that means a lot of complexity and more … Continue reading Problem with Frameworks

64-bit Transition Issues

Courtesy: Software Quality Connection 1. 64-bit Libraries Although it may seem like a no brainer, many application upgrades fail due to a lack of 64-bit libraries. A 64-bit application works best with 64-bit support libraries. If you use 32-bit libraries, then you must marshal data between the two environments. That slows down application speed considerably and introduces potential errors. Marshaling pointers can become especially troublesome when the pointer is for something like a data structure, which may not convert well between 64-bit and 32-bit environments. Most problematic libraries contain custom code or come from third party vendors who add value … Continue reading 64-bit Transition Issues